Can you use a laptop motherboard in a desktop

A pc motherboard connects many elements and elements of a pc to its network. The motherboard connects and permits the processor, the RAM, the Sink, and, therefore, the hardware to communicate. However, a desktop motherboard is customized to permit the user to customize it in whatever manner they require to create it sturdy. Therefore, it permits the user to feature as many further elements as they want. This is often not identical for laptop motherboards that may solely enable you to upgrade the RAM. In this article, we discuss in detail about can you use a laptop motherboard in a desktop.

Can You Use A Laptop Motherboard In A Desktop: 10 Quick Steps

You can place a laptop motherboard on a desktop, alright. However, it should not serve you or operate as you would like. Besides, it should be tough for you to access and use the hardwired ports within the laptops. It means you’ll have to be compelled to extend some ports, which may be a tough issue to try. Best desktop computers for students is also a widely asked question today.

What Is Special About A Laptop Motherboards Compared To A Desktop?

Laptop motherboards differ from desktops; a desktop motherboard accommodates many more important elements than a laptop motherboard. These 2 motherboards are liable for connecting the computer’s numerous elements. A computer’s elements use connectors, memory, graphics processors, and CPUs. The elements of a pc will communicate and perform different functions if they’re connected through the motherboard.

Each processor needs a socket during which to speak with different elements. You’ll be able to add several recollections to a motherboard because of the form of connectors and, therefore, the form of connections. You’ll be able to add RAM slots, C.P.U. Sockets, mouse connectors, keyboards, graphics connectors, and stoppage connectors to a desktop motherboard as a result of its enough area. Alongside with motherboard question, folks also ask how long does system reset take.

Does Laptop Design Change With The Motherboard

A motherboard is quite simply a bit of plastic that appears like another. It should additionally match up once screws are put in. Because of this, 2 motherboards may need a similar style; however, with totally different screw locations and notches, the laptops won’t work. The cross-brand and cross-series compatibility hasn’t even been touched. However, laptop motherboards from totally different brands and series are extraordinarily tough to upgrade or replace. Gaming features aren’t available for windows desktops is also one of the most raised questions nowadays.

Differences Between Desktop And Laptop Motherboards

Can you use a laptop motherboard in a desktop


For personal computer motherboards, upgrading is extremely simple. For those who build their computers, one will upgrade the elements of the components of the personal computer and even the motherboard. The laptop motherboard, it’s not that powerful because of the desktop motherboards. With less area, the user cannot upgrade any parts or components of the laptop motherboard except the RAM.


Many users are interested in customizing their personal computers, and it’s not even that tough to urge access to the components from the market. Thanks to the further area, the desktop computer’s motherboard is straightforward to customize compared to a laptop. Once customization, the upgraded components are simple to reconfigure and become powerful. After considering these differences, we can estimate that can you use a laptop motherboard on a desktop.


The reason for its enlarged slots and extra space motherboards in desktop computers enable easier upgrading. That improves performance and speed. It’s even a lot of powerful than motherboards in laptops. It’s several growth slots, generally 5 or quite 5. Motherboards in laptops are different from desktop motherboards. They don’t have any growth slots, instead of having growth slots and cards for components like sound cards.


Many like to build their computers. Finding motherboards for the personal computer is extremely simple. Several corporations sell personal computer motherboards for those who customize or build their desktop computers. Laptop motherboards, they’re different. They’re generally custom created. I am creating them tough for those who love customizing their personal computers. There’s a scarcity of convenience for laptop motherboard in a desktop within the market.


Desktop motherboards dissent from laptop motherboards. Incompatibility is a crucial issue in the C.P.U. And therefore, the motherboard ought to work utterly. The socket ought to be compatible with its chipset. At the same time, the opposite elements, like hard discs and graphics cards, can work with most motherboard models. Thanks to their customary forms and size, motherboards from totally different makers can also be interchangeable. Laptop motherboards are highly opposite from desktop motherboards.


Desktop motherboards are larger and more spacious. Resulting in plenty of growth slots and is extremely powerful. To upgrade components like RAM, graphics, and a lot of. Personal computer motherboards have customary form and size, are largely rectangular with few notches, and have area for further elements. Laptop motherboards are custom-created and diluent and smaller than the desktop motherboard. They’re close to suiting the look of the portable computer. The troubleshoot remote desktop disconnected errors was made a fair query with a motherboard issue.

Perform Motherboard Repair Check

Perform Motherboard Repair Check

Check Monitor

The screen should get on for that to figure. Make certain to visualize your video cable for tight connections and guarantee there are no loose connections because of plugging and unplugging.

Check Hardware

Your laptop might contain further hardware. Four things are necessary for a motherboard to control: RAM, Processor, Fan, and SPMS. Take away the extra elements to check if that’s the matter. Flip your pc on once the extra hardware is removed. If everything works, it’ll boot ordinarily. If not, you wish to eliminate the growth and take it to the look. Your internal hardware system wants repair. Every half is often tested to see if that wants replacement or repair.

Check RAM

RAM generally causes problems with the motherboard. Activate your pc and take away one in all your RAMs if you have 2. If the RAM is the downside, repairing or exchanging it’ll solve the matter. Several instances where an expert should examine the signs of motherboard failure are mentioned higher than. Consumers, on the opposite hand, aren’t component specialists. Our pc Troubleshooters are on the market to repair your motherboard whenever it has to be done. In addition to pc portable computer repair, we’ve got pc repair specialists who will handle any form of pc repair you wish. Inspect our service suppliers close to you.

Check Battery

A drained battery is also the reason behind your motherboard issue. Afterward, take it away, then put it in the battery to check if the matter has been resolved.


Folks mostly ask for can you use a laptop motherboard in a desktop. Note that the laptop motherboard has many loose wires, like WiFi and Bluetooth properties, commonly around the LCD screen. Therefore, fitting them into the desktop is also a giant challenge.
Laptop motherboards have a singular style to suit all the elements the manufacturer is showcasing. For example, it should be capable of fitting all ports during an outlined arrangement. Therefore, swapping and exploiting the laptop within the desktop motherboard is also tough and will not be well worth the effort.
Also, a computer and laptop RAM are completely different. So, if you would like to use laptop RAM on your desktop, it should necessitate that you get lots of connectors and converters.


Can I use a laptop as a monitor for a desktop computer?

If you have both laptop and a desktop, then you must use a laptop as a second monitor for your desktop. It will give you more opportunities to run various apps and programs simultaneously.

How to run a desktop through a laptop?

There are many ways you can operate your desktop via a laptop. One of the simplest ways is using an app that runs your desktop as a remote desktop for PC. Also, various other apps are present to control another system.

Can I use a laptop as a desktop computer?

The best way to use your laptop as a desktop is to connect an external keyboard and mouse to your laptop. It will give you a more comfortable and smooth experience.