Remote Desktop Disconnected because Another Connection was Made

If you’re victimization Remote Desktop affiliation to a different Windows system, however, if you’re suddenly disconnected, this text might help you. Recently, a user once reached out to the official Microsoft forums with this downside. The user attempted to remote to a different machine in his company. This remote desktop disconnected because another connection was made. If you’re facing a similar downside, during this article, we will see how to fix it.

This same error code started once y installed some new updates on the Windows components attempting to attach. The instant featured this downside, and you are victimizing Windows 10 Version 20H2. The system you may be attempting to attach was a member of Active Directory. At the same time, the system won’t to connect as a part of a local workgroup.

Many individuals face various issues related to remote desktop connection disconnects frequently server 2012, which is also used widely throughout the world. At that time, we come into action and make your life easier. We suggest some tips and tricks highly helpful in resolving issues related to windows remote desktops. This issue is as important as how to make your desktop icons look aesthetic.

Remote Desktop disconnected because another connection was made: Solution

Network Failure

A lack of a legitimate communications path will forestall a buyer from trouble connecting to a far-off desktop session. The best thanks to diagnose this issue are thru the method of elimination. First, establish a single session with a user who has been ready to connect with success in the past. The goal is to determine if the matter is restricted to a private shopper, the network, or a terminal server/Windows server.

If you believe the network may be accountable, try slimming down the scope of the difficulty to seek out the foundation cause. In doing this, you might discover that the matter affects wireless connections, not wired ones. Likewise, you’ll discover the matter is exclusive to VPN traffic or a specific subnet. You will find people looking for how to get rid of check marks on desktop icons with desktop errors.

Enabling Remote Desktop Connection on Client

  • Open the control panel and navigate to System and Security >> System >> Remote settings.
remote setting
remote system
  • In the System Properties window that opens, click the Remote tab.
remote desktop
  • Select permit connections solely from remote desktop keeps disconnecting windows 10 computers with Network Level Authentication possibility.

Changing the Number of Remote Connections

  • To open Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration, click begin, purpose to Administrator Tools, purpose to Remote Desktop Services.
enable feature
  • On the RD session host server, click start > Administrative tools and navigate to Remote desktop services.
  • Under Connections, right-click and open Properties of the connection
  • In the Network Adapter tab, click most connections, enter the number of concurrent connections needed, and click OK.

Changing the Limit Variety of Connections Policy

If you have expertise in frequent disconnections, then you’ll increase the variety of remote desktop affiliations allowed by following the below steps:

  • Open the acceptable cluster policy or the native high security network policy within the cluster Policy snap-in.
  • Navigate to laptop Configuration >> body Templates >> Windows elements >> Remote Desktop Services >> Remote Desktop Session Host >> Connections.
  • Click enabled or limit the variety of connections choices
  • Change the desired variety of concurrent connections within the ‘RD most Connections allowed’ box and click on OK.

 Adding users to the Remote Desktop Users Group

 Adding users to the Remote Desktop Users Group

Please note that you want membership within the native director’s group or equivalent on the RD Session Host server to hold out the below operation. You can add users to the Remote Desktop Users group using:

  • The Remote Tab within the System Properties on RD Session Host.
  • Active Directory Users and Computers snap in if the RD Session Host server is on a website controller.
  • Adding users victimization native Uses or teams snap-in.
  • Click begin > body Tools > laptop Management.
  • In the console tree, click the native Users and teams node.
  • In the details pane, double-click the team’s folder.
  • Double-click Remote Desktop Users, then click Add.
  • In the choose Users window. Click Locations to specify the search location.
  • Click Object sorts to specify the categories of objects that you need to look for.
  • In the Enter the item names to pick (examples) box, kind the username you would like to feature.
  • Click Check Names.
  • When the name is found, click OK.
  • Adding users Remote tab possibility Adding users victimization Remote tab possibility.
  • Click begin management Panel> System icon, then click OK.
  • Under Control Panel Home, click Remote settings.
  • On the Remote tab within the System Properties window, click choose Users. Add the users or teams that need to hook up with the RD Session Host server by Remote Desktop.

Insufficient Permissions

For users to access a far-off resource through the Remote Desktop License Servers, once called Terminal Services, you want to assign them the Logon through Remote Desktop Services users right. Otherwise, the users can receive a blunder after they try and hook up with the remote resource. To create positive, you have got the right permissions allotted, complete these steps on the remote server:

  • Open the group Policy Object Editor by getting into the GPEdit.MSC command at the Windows Run prompt
  • Navigate through the console tree to PC Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ native Policies \ User Rights Assignment
  • Double-click on the permit and go browsing through Remote Desktop Services
  • Add the mandatory teams and click on OK

Capacity Exceeded

You could additionally expertise remote desktop protocol problems if you exceed infrastructure capability. For example, in a corporation with virtual desktops or VDI, purchasers can also not attach if the out there licenses are depleted. Some VDI implementations additionally refuse user connections if the server is too busy or if launching another virtual desktop session would weaken the performance of existing sessions.


When the remote desktop affiliation between a Windows desktop and its host fails, it is time to try and do some remote desktop rdp troubleshooting tool by checking firewalls, security certificates, and many others. Directors might encounter several remote desktop connection issues, network failure, Secure Sockets Layer certificate problems, authentication troubles, and capability limitations. Once a shopper tries to attach to a far-off machine or a remote server (Terminal Server) that’s running on Windows Server 2008 R2, you’ll encounter a remote desktop disconnected session timeout error.

Try connecting once more. If the matter continues, contact the owner of the remote laptop or your network server administrator. To determine the reason for this issue and proceed with the above steps. Remote desktop errors are highly important alongside with how to display the desktop without minimizing or closing any windows. Many individuals face this issue on the remote desktop and try to solve it easily.

Therefore, in this post, we define different issues related to this error and try to provide you with an interesting solution for each. This will help you in solving this error without any difficulty. RDP trouble shooting tool also very helpful in this regard. People take it as seriously as how to use alt-tab in citrix remote desktop mac.


How do I fix a disconnected remote session?

There are some steps you must follow. First, go to the Start Menu and type Services. In the Services section, locate Remote Desktop setting Services. Now right-click on it and click on Restart.

Why do I lose my remote desktop connection?

This problem is normally caused by session limit time setting. Policy setting in the node remote control will fix this issue for you. You have to change the Policy setting to stop the stop disconnection.

How do I reset the Remote Desktop Connection?

Once you have a script on your desktop, click on the run as administrator. If they ask for more permission, then select yes. Always try to run the script as administrator.

What does Remote app disconnected mean?

There are several reasons behind this error. It occurs when the remote connection to the server is not enabled. Also, when the remote computer is turned off, you will face this bug similarly if the remote computer is not available in the network.

Why does Windows 10 automatically disconnect from the remote desktop?

There are various reasons behind it, including security errors that cause the client could not to connect to the terminal server. After making sure of their connection, try to connect it again.

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