How to Find out What CPU Cooler I Have : Quick Tip 2023

A CPU cooler is a vital component of any reliable system. . If your existing CPU fan collapses, you must change it immediately, for which you must read our article know how to remove CPU cooler, If it can’t withstand your CPU heat and reduce the temperature properly, you should improve it or your components will be harmed. Hence for the repair, you must first know how to find out what cpu cooler i have.

CPU is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. It serves as the computer’s brain. It executes all arithmetic logic, controlling, and input/output actions defined by program instructions. The CPU does not refer to the entire box that you see, but rather the Processor that you refer to in broad terms. It is attached to the Motherboard.

Because the CPU is the computer’s brain, it does a lot of work, which causes it to grow hot while you operate on your computer for an extended length of time. It can get quite hot in a short period of time due to a variety of factors. It’s also critical to keep it cool because if it gets too hot, your computer won’t operate properly and will act erratically. . That’s where your CPU fans comes in. hence you must know Which type of cpu cooler contains heat pipes.

This article will hence talk about CPU cooler, fan cooler for pc , what is cpu fan , how to tell if cpu cooler is working and how to find out what cpu cooler I have.

What is cpu fan?

What is cpu fan?

A Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a computer’s primary microchip, and a CPU fan is a specialized fan that helps keep the processor cool. Internal electrical energy in processors generates heat. The more the pressure placed on a CPU, the harder it works and the hotter it becomes. If the CPU becomes too hot, it can cause faults and eventually melt, rendering it fully useless.

To avoid this, a CPU fan works in tandem with a heat sink. A cpu heat sink is a metallic device that rests directly on the Processor and draws heat away from it into its cooler, aluminum, fin-like shape. The CPU fan is connected to the heat sink and draws air via the fins. The fan indirectly cools the CPU by dispersing heat drawn into the heat sink.

CPU fans are available in a number of sizes and are often offered with a copper and/or aluminum heat sink. Processors sold with a heat sink and CPU fan often have a 5-year guarantee, but those sold without usually have a one-year warranty. While you are at it, find out about The Best Cooler for Ryzen 5 5600x.

How to find out my CPU cooler?

How to find out my CPU cooler?
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It’s very easy to find out which cpu cooler you have. There are 2 easy ways to know that :

  • Firstly Turn your system off and remove the power wire from the wall outlet and remove the side panel from the PC’s casing. Locate the motherboard and CPU. If your CPU has an air cooler with a heatsink fan, it should be directly on top of it. If you have a water cooler, make sure the primary radiator is linked to the case wall. On the CPU cooler fan or the radiator, manufacturers typically print a label or their brand mark. After determining the CPU cooler you have, you may seal the case and reconnect the connections.
  • Secondly, if your computer is not assembled and is of a certain brand, you can simply look up the model of your computer online and examine the specs of its components.

Different types of cpu coolers?

Different types of cpu coolers?

Mainly CPU coolers are divided into air coolers and liquid coolers. Since there is a lot of variety its hard to find the best CPU cooler for ryzen 5 3600. each of these categories has its subgroup. If you want to identify the kind of CPU cooler when you open your PC, you must first learn about the many types and how to discern between their physical features.

  1. Air-Based CPU Coolers: Air coolers are inexpensive and readily replaced devices that are ideal for basic computer users. They all use specially engineered heatsinks and fans to disperse heat, but different air coolers have variable levels of noise and speed.
  • U Tower Type Air Cooler: U tower type air coolers, commonly referred to as tower type air coolers, were composed of 2 massive heat sinks that create a U shape, thus the name. It’s as though two identical towers are standing next to one other. To increase cooling capability, fans are mounted to the sides of the heat sinks and aligned with the exhaust fans.
  • C-Type Air Cooler: C-type air coolers are significantly smaller than U-type coolers. Only one heat sink is connected to the heat pipes, and only one fan is placed to remove the heat.
  • Water/Liquid Coolers: Water or liquid coolers are superior to air coolers, and they’re much more costly. They can maintain their temperatures acceptable even when the system is under the most intense strain because they employ liquid to carry heat away from the CPU. One of the main reason all the gamers and people who know their PC uses liquid cooler instead of air.
  • Low-Profile Air Cooler: These air coolers are even more compact than C-type coolers and may fit into the tiniest cases. They have smaller fans and thinner heat sinks They are not as robust as other cooler kinds because of their smaller size, but they are less expensive.
  • All-in-One liquid coolers: AIO or All-in-One liquid coolers contain all of the components. A CPU water block with an integrated pump is included. The block is linked to the radiators through pipes. Fans are installed in the pipes to dissipate the heat generated. If you want a liquid cooler, they are the most convenient option. They include built-in mounting mechanisms that are simple to install on Intel and AMD CPUs.
  • Submerged Cooling: This is the ultimate of CPU cooling solutions. The majority of submerged cooling systems employ a large tank filled with mineral oil, which cannot conduct electricity and submerges the PC components within the oil. It not only looks good, but it also keeps all of your electronics cool, including the CPU, RAM, and motherboard.
  • Custom Water-Cooling Loops: Custom water-cooling circuits are difficult to overlook. They include the same components as an AIO liquid cooler, plus an extra reservoir, fittings, a water block, and specialized tubing. They are not only more effective than the earlier described cooling systems, but they are also more aesthetically beautiful.

How to tell if cpu cooler is working?

How to tell if cpu cooler is working?

Most PC users are incapable of knowing how to verify if the CPU cooling is operational. One of the most important aspects of PC operation is the performance of the CPU cooler. If your CPU cooler fails, your system will most likely shut down due to the CPU being excessively hot. The gadget will shut down automatically to protect its internal components from harm.

You may also examine the CPU clock history using a tool such as an HW monitor. It will indicate if the CPU is always clocked.

Take a check at the CPU’s temperature. Experiment with stressing the CPU. If the temperature increases abnormally, you may suspect that the CPU cooler is malfunctioning.

If the CPU cooler fails to function, both the pump and the fans will cease to function. If the fans cease spinning, they may be easily identified and replaced. On the contrary, determining the pump’s performance is difficult. Monitoring the Pump RPM seems to be the only method that can tell if cpu liquid cooler is working. If pump wire is linked directly to a fan header on the motherboard this will be possible.

If somehow the pump cable is linked to the power source through a 4-pin Molex to 3-pin fan converter, you will not be able to acquire a pump RPM measurement. First, determine which fan header on the motherboard the pump wire is attached to. This will assist you in determining the right RPM reading. The pump RPM may then be checked via BIOS or on Windows by downloading HW Monitor (a free program). If your pump RPM displays 0 or N/A, the pump is not working. For a replacement, please submit an RMA at CM Fanzone.

Conclusion: How to find out what CPU cooler i have:

Because the CPU cooler is one of the most important components of the PC, it must be handled with care. The above article not only got you familiar with how to find out what CPU cooler I have but you also learned what a CPU fan is, and the multiple types that are divided between air and liquid fan coolers.

A good and high-quality CPU cooler can change the game and course of your computer. Choosing the perfect fan cooler for pc can be a hard task, but it can all come down to a few questions for example how much heat your pc requires, the size of the cooler, and the pin? You can check out Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240P Mirage and Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition as a few of the best CPU coolers out there.