Is 64gb of ram overkill

We are discussing in this article Is 64gb of ram overkill

You’re putting together a new gaming PC. When it comes to parts, you choose the quickest or most potent components that your budget permits. You’re sold on this graphics card, that CPU, and those storage discs. But, when it comes to memory, does getting the most memory to imply getting the best performance?

No, not always. You can spend a lot more on something you’ll never use. So, you’re wondering is 64GB of RAM is overkill, and you might also purchase 128 GB of RAM or less.

As a result, this article will tell you how much RAM you require.


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Memory, sometimes known as RAM, is a piece of computer hardware that stores the data being processed by the system.

Memory is also referred to as Random Access Memory. It is an essential component of all computer systems because it saves data and instructions that are presently in use so that the processor may retrieve them fast. RAM is measured in gigabytes or GBs for short. The more RAM your laptop or desktop computer has, the better it will perform while running high-end programs like Photoshop and video editing software. The amount of memory on your computer is determined by the device you use, such as a laptop or desktop. however the question rises how long does ram last, read more about it in our article.

Is 64gb of ram worth it

RAM is, without a doubt, one of the most critical components of any PC construction. Mainly because without RAM, you would be unable to launch your computer, which is a problem for many individuals. In such cases, you must ensure that you are entirely equipped with the appropriate quantity of RAM.

When it comes to RAM, there are several alternatives to choose from. You may start with as little as 2GB and work up to 128GB, or even more if you’re considering server-level operations. However, the primary problem arises when deciding how much RAM you want and its speed. you can conveniently change ram speed in bios, by reading our article.

Most people in the industry are concerned by this, and it is a critical component to consider when selecting the proper RAM. Let’s start with 64 GB. If you don’t need it for more intensive work such as gaming, mining, or cryptocurrency. This much RAM is only required if you are developing, rendering, or utilizing numerous apps simultaneously. If all you want to do is play games, then 16GB of RAM will be more than plenty for you and will not create any problems.

However, people frequently inquire about 32gb vs 64gb gaming. You must get the 64-bit version since the 32-bit version has a memory limit of 3.2GB, which isn’t nearly enough to accomplish anything with. It doesn’t matter if you have 2TB of RAM on your PC (the most Windows 10 Pro allows) because the machine can only use 3.2GB.

How much RAM do you need?

Is 64gb of ram worth it
  1. For Windows 10: According to Microsoft’s Windows 10 System Requirements, the bare minimum is 1 GB of RAM for the 32-bit edition and 2 GB for the 64-bit version.  Of course, you’ll need at least twice that amount for basic tasks (such as online surfing and utilizing the Microsoft Office suite). Today’s memory-eating web browsers may consume over 2 GB of RAM on their own, so be sure you have some flexibility.
  • The minimum need for Windows 11 is 4 GB of RAM: This next edition, which requires a 64-bit CPU, will reportedly take roughly twice as much RAM as its predecessor. As a result, it only makes sense to have at least twice the minimum required, or 8 GB. That is not to imply that 4 GB will not work, and it will only cause slowdowns or stuttering when you have many programs active or too many browser tabs open.
  • You’ll need 4 to 8 GB of RAM for everyday tasks like viewing movies, online surfing, office work, or text editing. This is determined by your operating system (as previously mentioned) and the number of apps you wish to execute concurrently.
  • Depending on the footage resolution and software used, video editing may be one of the most RAM-intensive tasks.
  • According to Adobe, video editing with Premiere Pro will demand a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. They suggest 16 GB of RAM for HD media (FHD) and 32 GB or above for 4K (UHD).
  • Black Magic lists a minimum need of 16 GB of 3,200 MHz SDRAM in their hardware selection and setup guide, with 64 GB to 128 GB (or more) suggested if you intend to use Fusion.
  • Moving on to 3D modeling, we can see that RAM needs may vary greatly depending on the task and program employed. Fluid simulations, for example, consume a lot of RAM and can consume up to 64 Gigabytes if the simulation is complicated enough. If your primary task includes performing fluid simulations, err on caution.
  • Maxon and Otoy list 8 GB RAM as a minimum need for Redshift and Octane, with 16 GB (or more) recommended. V-minimal Ray’s recommended memory requirements of 4 GB and 8 GB imply that it can operate with little system memory. We recommend 12-16 GB of RAM if you have an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti (8 GB of VRAM).
  • Programming/coding is one of the workloads with the most significant variation in system memory needs. You may code on a Raspberry Pi with less than 1 GB of RAM, but huge Java builds may require up to 32 GB. The RAM required to operate your operating system effectively will be enough for most coders (excluding those working on large, complicated projects). We recommend 8 to 16 GB of RAM for the task.
  1. RAM requirements for gaming gradually rise over time, with many recent quintuple games demanding more than 8 to 12 GB to operate well.
  1. On the plus side, most games are designed to work on both PCs and consoles, notably the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both of these consoles contain 16 GB of RAM, which is Intel’s recommended memory size for gaming PCs. However, if you enjoy alt-tabbing to watch streams, surf the web, or work on a side project, we recommend a 32 GB memory package . to read more about how much ram you would need for ryzen 9 5950x , you must checkout our article

How much ram do Minecraft realms have

How much ram do Minecraft realms have

Some games, such as Terraria, require only 1GB of RAM, while others may demand more. While the game may operate with the bare minimum, adding more players, modifications, or a vast environment might vary this need. According to the Internet, the RAM of a Minecraft Bedrock Edition can range from 2GB to 400GB.

Conclusion: Is 64gb of ram overkill

Ultimately, constructing a PC is all about optimization. Make the most of your budget by carefully selecting each component. Choosing a RAM kit is no exception, and so is 64gb ram overkill or not.