Best CPU Fan For Ryzen 7 3700x

Ryzen 7 3700x is one of the most notable processors AMD has developed, and it is the ideal platform for most mid-range AAA gaming. Well, finding Best cpu fan for ryzen 7 3700x can be difficult without guidance. As the ryzen processor has high features that make it one of the most appreciated and highly used models in the gaming rig community. People are curious about with best CPU stock cooler for Ryzen 5 5600x and Ryzen 5 3600.

The processor was launched in 2019 and has been a favorite for many gamers since then. The processor has eight cores with 16 threads and is capable of 3.6 GHz of the base clock. It can run your mid-level games in 4K resolution at 60 FPS without any difficulty; with all of that, it has a TDP of 65 watts, which is surprising.

Many questions arise regarding it, and people ask what the CPU does in gaming. It is considered one of the most efficient processors you can get, but you will need a suitable CPU cooler. You should also find out to clean the CPU cooler.

The overall performance does not depend upon any component and is also not an average performance of all parts. Still, you can say that a system is no better than its slowest PC components, called bottleneck, in the gaming sense. Many gamers also ask which type of CPU cooler contains heat pipes with big surface area.

There are many CPU stock coolers that you can find on the market, but you have to consider a few things if you want to get the best CPU cooler for ryzen 7 3700x. It would be best if you knew how to remove the CPU cooler. Choosing a CPU cooler without proper research can cost you a high price, or it might be unable to cool down the system properly.

You may also want to know how hot the can CPU is before the damage. Both of these conditions are not desirable, and to save you from that, we are at your service. If you already have a CPU cooler, then you must find which CPU cooler I have.

In this article, we shall discuss the all in one best CPU cooler for ryzen 7 3700x so you know the trends in the market and can pick the best choice that suits your requirement. We will discuss all kinds of CPU smaller fans, so you choose the best according to your budget and preferences. Let’s get started.

Things to check before buy Ryzen 7 3700x

If you do not find any air cooler suitable for your requirement or wish to explore more options in the market, then we will provide you with some shopping tips to find the amd ryzen 7 3700x review. There are a lot of choices available in the market, and it is not ideal to choose any of them. Most of all, you can not look for options in detail when there are so many options. These are things that will help you in filtering these choices. Moreover, we will discuss about the cpu cooler role in gaming.


Things to check before buy Ryzen 7 3700x

The socket is the first thing you should look for in any cooler you are purchasing for ryzen 7 3700x uses an AM4 socket, and it is necessary to have a cooler that is compatible with this socket. However, suppose you are considering a powerful cooler you plan to use for a long time. In that case, it is better to consider the choice that also has AM5 socket compatibility along with AM4. The Ram clearance is also important in a similar manner.


The size is also the next big thing you must take good care of. It is not wise to go and look for the cooler for ryzen 7 3700x without knowing if your PC can handle the huge size. It is important to know the available space and choose according to that.


The price tag will help you filter the best CPU coolers that fall in your range.  Having a low budget does not mean you should look for an underperforming air coolers, but you can get a high-performing liquid cooler by sacrificing some features. For example, you should prefer the high-performing cooler overlooks and noise.



ryzen 7 3700x has the official TDP requirement of 65 watts, but if you are overclocking, it can easily exceed 100 watts. Moreover, choosing a high TDP-rated cooler is always better to be within safe limits. The cooler with more than 150 watts is good for ryzen 7 3700x if you plan to overclock.


Noise is not something you can ignore, especially if you are willing to pay the price. The noise can be annoying in multiplayer gaming where footsteps and other noise are necessary. You should look for the aftermarket cooler having noise levels below 27 to have the best performance in sound-sensitive gaming.


The design of the cooler is important to many aesthetic PC gamers. Ask for RGB lighting if you are paying the price is not too much. Also, ensure that the cooler has adequate metal plating to avoid any minor damage that can cause while installing and removing. 

My Favorite Products

  • If you are unwilling to take any risk, then it is better to choose the CPU stock coolers that most ryzen 7 3700x users consider and use. The Corsair iCUE H100i is the best option that many ryzen 7 3700x users currently use worldwide. The eight cores also provide you more support.
  • Having a low budget does not mean that you have to choose an underpowered component. Not in the presence of Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Pro. This CPU cooler is the most affordable unit you can get if you want to cool down the ryzen 7 3700x without compromising the performance.
  • Noctua NH-D15 enjoys the highest tdp rating among the best CPU cooler for ryzen 7 3700x. It has all the features you can wish for in the CPU cooler and is the perfect option if you are not bound by budget.
  • If you are looking for a balanced CPU cooler for ryzen 7 3700x that is not high in cost and has all the necessary features to make it a suitable choice for ryzen 5 3600 and 7 3700x, then Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120 is the best option. It is the perfect balance between performance and cost, considering it would be a smart choice

Recomended Best CPU Fan For Ryzen 7 3700x

These are some of the Stock best CPU coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x that we have chosen for you. An important thing to remember is that the list is not based on their performance or price.

  1. Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Pro (best for budget-friendly gamers)
  2. Deepcool Castle 240ex (best for overclocking)
  3. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120 (most affordable liquid air cooler)
  4. Noctua NH-D15 (best space saving CPU cooler)
  5. Corsair iCUE H100i (best balanced CPU cooler ryzen 5 3600)
  6. NZXT Kraken Z63 (best premium choice for ryzen 7 3700x)
  7. MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R (best aesthetic cooler for ryzen 9 3900x)
Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Pro

1. Thermaltake Riing Silent 12 Pro

When you are looking to buy a powerful but cost-effective CPU cooler for ryzen 7 3700x, there is no better option than to look into Thermaltake models. The company is known to provide the best quality and most reliable CPU coolers at an affordable price.

The budget is not the only reason to purchase this machine, but it can surprise you with its amazing features as it surprised me. It has a TDP rating of 150 watts which is amazing for a best air cooler of this size. It can reach the maximum speed of up to 1500 rpm and is among the most near silent operation air coolers for ryzen 7 3700x. You can even use it for mild overclocking and can easily handle the extensive gaming sessions for a long time. I found it extremely sufficient and powerful when there is no overclocking included. 

It is a stable platform with a single tower design and a single fan. The radiator is mostly aluminum for maximum heat dissipation and offers high usability with AMD processors, thanks to its AM4 socket. With all its features, the noise level at maximum performance is near 18 dBa, which is not too much. But there are some limitations as well. Thermal throttling is also very effective in this cooler.

The unit does not include any RGB support, which is understandable because of the price. Moreover, it is not future-proof, and it might not be usable if you plan to change the processor. The all in one budget best air cooler is also somewhat complex to install despite its low profile.


Deepcool Castle 240ex

2. Deepcool Castle 240ex

Deepcool is an emerging brand that is responsible for some of the most appealing and aesthetic design CPU Stock coolers for ryzen 7 3700x. If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to choose the cooler that looks good and works well, then it is an option worth considering. 

The air cooler can produce the TDP of 350 watts at full potential and handle the most powerful overclocking. Also, the cooler has a maximum speed of 1800 RPM, and a dual fan design ensures no heat is left in the system. It can work at an idle speed of 500 rpm to provide maximum efficiency, and there is nothing to worry about when installing it. The copper design is more effective in heat conduction, but the best part about this cooler is using ultimate RGB.

It is the best-looking cooler you can get because of the 16.7M RGB flowing light system with an infinity glass mirror on both sides. However, it has some limitations as well. Despite being so powerful, the socket does not allow it to fit the AM5-based processor, which limits its compatibility. Moreover, it produces noise levels of 33 dBa, which might not be suitable for sound-sensitive gaming. Playing online games where sound is an important factor, you might lose the edge over other players due to this cooler.

Some users claim that the RGB lighting gets dull and loses its integrity after a while, and the design is not durable. Overall, it is a good CPU cooler with heat pipes that does not compromise performance. The mounting system is also supported in this GPU.


Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120

3. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120

When you talk about the CPU cooler for ryzen, the arctic will always have something to offer you. The brand is known to provide high-quality and powerful CPU coolers for all kinds of gamers. 

Arctic liquid coolers freezer combines the thermal design power of liquid cooling in an affordable and easy task-to-install cooler with a low profile and can also fit in low-space PCs. It can efficiently cool the ryzen 7 3700x with its powerful single fan design that uses liquid cooling and has a TDP rating of 250 watts.

The best thing I found useful is that you can even use it for the upcoming ryzen series processor that uses AM5 sockets. It has high compatibility, and the 1800 rpm fan speed ensures no heat is left in your system. You can have long gaming sessions, and it works perfectly without any issues. 

It has increased durability, and the radiator design is larger with more pipes and fins for heat PWM control with huge surface area. But it is not completely free of errors. You will think 35 dBa sound might be too high for you when the best air cooler is working at full speed.

Due to its water-based design, the installation process is not as simple as other top notch best CPU coolers on the list. In terms of looks, it is not too great, and if you are looking for an RGB design, it might disappoint you. It is not the best option for aesthetic gamers who want to choose every PC component with RGB. You will also receive full load support while gaming.


Noctua NH-D15

4. Noctua NH-D15

Noctua is known to make low-cost and compact best CPU coolers and is among the best manufacturers of high-quality accessories. This CPU cooler is designed for low spaces and has everything you need to cool down the ryzen 7 3700x. The powerful design can provide a TDP rating of 95 watts, more than the official requirement of ryzen 7 3700x.

However, you will not be able to do any overclocking. The best thing about this cooler is its space-saving design with a height of 37 mm, making it the best CPU cooler for low-space PCs chassis.  Despite being low in size, it can reach a speed of up to 2500 rpm, and the most surprising thing is that even at that speed, it is one of the quietest CPU coolers you can get. It has a noise level of 24 dBa, which is comparatively very low.

The cooler’s design is pretty simple and does not have any RGB features and other components related to it that might be bad news for attractive gamers. Hoover the durable design of the radiator and powerful heat dissipation fins and pipe makes it among the best-rated CPU cooler that you can get. Overall, I think it is a suitable choice at an affordable price tag if you are not willing to do overclocking. 


Corsair iCUE H100i

5. Corsair iCUE H100i

Corsair has been manufacturing high-quality accessories for a long time and is considered among the best brands that the gaming community respect and appreciate. 

This CPU cooler before damage is a little too much for ryzen 7 3700x, but it is designed for maximum features, including powerful liquid cooling at the top. I was astonished by its excellent performance. It has a dual fan design and is equipped with a liquid air cooling system that can efficiently take the heat out of the system.

You can use this best budget air cooler with ryzen 7 3700x without any problem. The 300-watt TDP makes sure that you can enjoy the best gaming experience without worrying about overheating, even at maximum overclocking. The efficient design GPU fans can run at idle speed, and you can manually set the lower speeds and RGB lighting with the software. 

In terms of RGB, very few things can match this air cooler. It has the support of 33 RGB LEDs that provide its ultimate look. You can also set the lighting to CPU temperature to know the PC’s performance. Also, the speed can go up to 2400 rpm with two fans, which is classic and more than enough.

However, you would not like the sound performance when it works at full potential. The 36 dBa sound can be a little too much to ignore. Also, some gamers complain that this machine’s price is too high compared to its performance. I did not like the lack of an AM5 socket that makes it unable to comply with the latest ryzen processors.


NZXT Kraken Z63

6. NZXT Kraken Z63

If you are looking for a liquid cooler for ryzen 7 3700x but are not willing to spend unnecessary money on aesthetics and looks, this same cooler will attract you. The NZXT is an emerging brand quickly gaining respect and appreciation among the gamer community due to its quality and design. 

It is a powerful cooler that provides liquid air cooling, but the best part is that it is cost-effective, and you only pay for what you are getting. Most gamers consider it the best price to perform cooler for its unlimited capabilities. The dual fan design powered with liquid coolers has a rated TDP of around 280 watts, which is enough for ryzen 9 3900x too and can handle overclocking effectively. It has also very less power consumption.

The radiator design is mostly based on aluminum, which ensures maximum heat dissipation. The 1500 rpm speed might not seem too much, but it is enough when combined with liquid cooling. It has a 24-bit LED on the pump to provide temperature and increase the system’s beauty. But I did not like the plastic design.

Prone to break and tear. Also, the cooler is not ideal if you are looking for an easy-to-install component. However, it provides relief in terms of sound production and only has a no more noise level of 21 dBa, which is good for best CPU coolers of this size. 


MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R

7. MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R

The MSI cooler may be included when someone talks about the CPU cooler and its cpu cooler removal especially for ryzen. MSI is known for its high-performing and low-cost design, and this cooler is a perfect choice for gamers who prefer looks and do not want any dull CPU coolers. 

The cooler design is one of the most compatible that you can find and can work with any existing processor. It has a rated TDP of over 200 watts, making it a powerful platform to cool down the ryzen 7 3700x. The best thing about this liquid cooler is its noise dampers. The pump is enclosed in a sound absorber and, even at full potential, produces a noise less than 30 dBa. The cooler is extremely powerful and can handle heavy overclocking. Most buyers purchase this piece due to its looks.

The white frame liquid cooler with integrated RGB is very hard to pass regarding looks and aesthetics. Also, it has a durable design, and you can enjoy long gaming sessions without worrying about your PC temperature. The reliable design is rated to work more than 100,000 hours and more than what you actually need.

But I did not completely like its frame, which is too big to fit on some PC chassis. Moreover, it is not very easy to install, and the user guide will not help you much. However, you can manually customize the stock coolers speed and the RGB lighting through software that is not included in many CPU coolers. This cooler is also best reader supported.



This article discusses some of the most suitable Best CPU Fan For Ryzen 7 3700x. The list is based on many designs, and you can get your suitable aftermarket cooler based on price, aesthetics, performance, design, durability, or any other requirement. If you are looking for a cost-effective design, we have included — it in the list that will be light on pocket and heavy in cooling. 
The — is the best cooler if you want balanced performance without being too expensive. The — is the best premium option for those who are not willing to leave anything to chance and have plans to use it for a long time. In terms of aesthetics, nothing can beat the — because of its design, RGB lighting, and cutting-edge software support. 
We have also discussed the shopping tips you should consider to have the most suitable air coolers without any issues. The first thing that you should look for is a socket. Size and price are also important to consider. The TDP is the performance of a best air coolers that must be greater than 100 watts if you are unwilling to overclock. The noise and design are also worth considering if you are willing to pay an extra price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ryzen 7 3700X stock cooler good?

Wraith Prism is a smart choice if you do not wish for overclocking or high-end gaming, but the liquid cooler can easily create a bottleneck if you plan to play mainstream games. The air coolers has a TDP of 100 watts which is more than the official ryzen 7 3700x requirement of 65 but not enough for long gaming sessions and overclocking. On the other hand, Wraith Prism is enough for you.

What socket is AMD Ryzen 7 3700X?

Ryzen 7 3700x uses an AM4 socket, so when you are looking for a budget CPU Fan For Ryzen 7 3700x or want to know of cpu cooler I have make sure you choose the unit compatible with the AM4 socket.

How hot is too hot for the Ryzen 7 3700X?

The maximum official temperature that ryzen 7 3700x can handle is claimed to be 95 degrees Celsius, but you will notice the effects of throttling when the temperature exceeds 75 degrees Celsius.

Is the Ryzen 7 3700X overkill for gaming?

Ryzen 7 3700x is a good option for mid-level gaming, even without overclocking. You can easily achieve 60 fps in HD resolution for most AAA games. The best thing about the processor is the power efficiency, which is 40 percent less than the previous processors without compromising the performance.

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